Hi, I am Sergey Panashchuk, an independent Ukrainian journalist and former head of Katapult Ukraine Odesa Bureax.

I invested a lot of my emotional and financial efforts into a project of hope called SAVE UA MEDIA.

The idea was and still is romantic: to change the world. The traditional goal of journalism is to report, but we want to do more.

When we learned that the elderly couple, Sasha and Svetlana, were sleeping in their camping beds under the sky in the house that was destroyed by Russians in Blahodatne village, I came there with British volunteers, and we cleared the rubble and brought them blankets.

Their house is beyond repair, and they need a solution to survive the winter. There are thousands of people like Sasha and Svetlana who have nowhere to go and who live in the destroyed villages in the same conditions, with no roof, gas, electricity, or drinking water.

Kind people helped us save the dogs that were dying in the flooded Kherson after the Kakhovka dam broke. Under the shelling and with Russian drones hovering above us, we brought cages for the animal rescuers who were fishing out dogs and cats from the water. They needed cages to transport them to safety.

Together with Food for Ukraine, we came to Kherson to hand over food for the elderly and disabled people and listen to their stories . The city is being shelled from 40 to 70 times every day. Stores are half-empty. People get killed in Kherson almost every day.

We brought treats and snacks to the children in Stepanivka. 300 children live just miles away from one of the most dangerous places in Ukraine at the moment, Kherson City. The Russians are consistently trying to level Kherson. They already destroyed hospitals, schools, churches, bus stops, and civilian buildings. They haven't stopped.

There is no job in Stepanivka, and the children's parents have to go to Kherson for work. Yesterday, the father of one of the children got under the shelling while working at a car shop in Kherson and lost his leg.

Many people are scared to go to Kherson for work, and they rely only on humanitarian aid.

The typical food kit is designed primarily for survival and does not include snacks for children. After speaking with local authorities, we wanted to bring at least some joy to the kids.

There are many more stories that are worth telling; this is just a small part.

SAVE UA MEDIA now is three people, former workers of Katapult Ukraine Odesa Bureax.

Now Katapult Ukraine is a closed chapter. It does not exist anymore, but we do. We want to do and tell much more, and we don’t have anything but hope. A hope that people like us will understand and support us.

This is what SAVE UA MEDIA is about. It is about the hope that we have stories worth telling and the hope that journalism and journalists matter.