by Sergey Panashchuk from Zaporizhzhia

A man in a military uniform hugs a little boy in a square in Zaporizhzhia.

They stand glued to each other, spreading an air of love and affection around.

The man's name is Sergey, and he is 44. The boy's name is Mark; he is five.

Sergey had good reasons to join the army.

He comes from a now-occupied town in the Luhansk region.

Another reason is his family and the future of his kid.

"We are fighting for our future, what is happening now is really painful", he says.

The five-year-old Mark is all smiles and could not stop hugging his dad.

"Yes, I missed him, but now he is back from the war!"

Mark doesn't realize that Sergey only came for a few hours and is about to leave for his duty.

'How many times have you had a chance to visit your family since you joined the army'?

"That is my second"

"When is the next one?"

"I don't even know if there will be a next time", he says, looking down on his boy with affection.

"Hopefully soon. After the victory", he adds.