Among them are a lot of elderly and disabled people who can only rely on help from outside. FoodForUkraine with Allan Lindgaard Nielsen and SaveUAMedia with Sergey Panashchuk brought two tons of canned meat to Kherson during the flood.

Tamara lives in Kherson. That was her second war. She survived WWII. She was 13 when it ended. Now she is 93, and she has to go through the horrors again. She is disabled and barely able to sit. Together with Food For Ukraine, we brought her and other aged people in need some food.

There are a lot of elderly and disabled people in Kherson who became living targets for Putin’s army. They need care and help.

Meanwhile, shelves in Kherson stores are half-empty. Owners say that they have 10–15 customers a day. Locals don't have the means to make a living and thousands of people are waiting for humanitarian aid in Kherson.