Our organization was officially registered in October this year due to the ongoing war in Ukraine as a response to the difficult situation the Ukrainian journalists, who are staying in the country, are currently facing.

Since the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion, Ukrainian media outlets have been shutting down, leaving thousands of journalists out of work. In Odesa, where our organization operates, there were more than 60 media outlets before 24th February. When the full-scale invasion began, half of these news sources were closed down, while others resorted to severe staffing reductions. These changes happened following a disastrous impact on the country’s economy whose GDP has fallen by approximately a third due to the ongoing war. According to our estimates, about 70% of the local journalists were left without work, and about 20% were subjected to a reduction in wages by 2-3 times, as a result of these changes.

Our goals are:

Supporting journalists who were left without jobs and found themselves in difficult circumstances locally in Odesa where our organization operates and globally in Ukraine.

Creating media projects and workplaces for Ukrainian journalists who were laid off after the Russian full-scale invasion.

Fundraising to finance media projects and other projects of our organization aimed at helping Ukrainian journalists.

Help Ukrainian journalists to find jobs in the field of journalism.